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Uncompromising Memory Solutions​

With Memory accounting for more than 50% of total chip power and over 70% of the chip area in today’s SoCs, traditional memory can’t keep up with the increasing demand for data hungry operations. Xenergic tackles this by delivering low power memory IP – efficiently saving power- and area costs.

Our Solutions

High-Speed Low-Power SRAM

Maximising power efficiency

Ultra High-Speed SRAM

Uncompromising performance

High-Speed Turbo Memory

The up and coming game-changer for AI

High-Speed Low-Power

High-Speed Low-Power SRAM

Reducing SoC Power By 70%-90%

Xenergic address the power needs of the IC design community by delivering cutting-edge, low-power SRAM that can be tailored according to the customers’ memory specifications. Xenergic’s novel memory architecture offers optimized power consumption and performance with a competitive area in nominal or scaled supply voltage for any given application.

graphic showing the power reduction enabled by Xenergic's HSLP IP
graphic showing the frequency gain enabled from using Xenergic's UHS IP

Ultra High-Speed SRAM

Pushing The Boundaries of High-Speed

Xenergic’s Ultra-High-Speed SRAM solutions are ground-breaking in terms of performance, reaching frequencies 30% higher than competing SRAM.

High-Speed Turbo

High-Speed Turbo Memory

A Paradigm Shift in Processing

Our High-Speed Turbo Memories are our newest offering, revolutionising high-performance-computation. In short, they double the speed of the fastest conventional SRAM, take up 60% less area, and consume a fraction of the power. Truly a memory in a class of its own.

graphic showing use-cases for Xenergic's HSTB IP

Flexible Plug-and-Play Integration

Xenergic’s utilisation of single rail memories, coupled with Xenergic’s cutting-edge tailoring techniques, enables a solution optimised for static- and dynamic power, performance and area. Our methodology enables us to push the boundaries beyond the current market standard in terms of  power efficiency.

Xenergic’s memories use foundry provided bitcells and no additional metal layers. With memory interface DFT views incorporated in all our products, integration in existing design flows on the customer side becomes a breeze. Support of all standard optional memory features such as redundancy, ECC, external tuning, periphery gating, sleep modes, periphery body biasing, etc, ensures our ability to meet every customer’s needs – No matter the applications.

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