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Artificial Intelligence accelerators

Accelerate Past the PPA Tradeoff

In highly parallelized computing applications such as AI accelerators for training and inference, the need for fast and efficient computation is required to handle the ever-growing workloads in the industry. For these applications, massive amounts of embedded memory are needed to efficiently delegate operations to all the compute cores. The speed at which data can be transferred from shared higher-level cache to the compute cores is often the worst performance bottleneck in the entire system, and the area of these memories becomes a major cost in production. Simultaneously, the dynamic power of all the memories is a big issue for the energy efficiency of the whole system, where the number of calculations per watt is what really matters. 

Our offering ensures that your memory doesn’t become a bottleneck for your AI/ML applications through revolutionary access methods and a focus on efficiency. To address this, Xenergic offers a variety of memory IPs, optimized for performance, dynamic power, and area. 

Computing at the Highest Speeds

With the large amounts of data required for machine learning, communication with the memory blocks in and around the cores becomes a major problem in terms of performance and power. No longer! 

Xenergic’s Ultra-High-Speed memory IP is built to match this need for speed. The faster speed provided by our memory solution reduces your latency and enables the system to operate at a higher frequency. Our Ultra-High-Speed memory IP is equipped with frequencies up to 30% higher than competing SRAM with the same or lower dynamic power and area – enabling you to provide the fastest processing with zero compromise. 

Unmatched throughput for parallelized processing

For highly parallelized applications, the ability to quickly move data from buffers and shared higher-level cache to the compute cores is of major concern, and directly affects the overall performance of the system. These flows of data are almost always predictable, and that’s where High-Speed Turbo comes in: 

Our High-Speed Turbo memory IP enables you to achieve an unprecedented throughput for very large memory sizes. By pipelining the data access, our memory IP can drastically reduce the performance bottlenecks for the whole system. This memory IP utilizes a sequential or pseudo-random-access method making it a perfect fit for the shared higher-level cache used in parallelized computing. 

Benefits compared to fastest competing SRAM: 

  • Up to 100% higher frequency 
  • Up to 80% Dynamic Power Reduction 
  • Up to 60% Leakage Reduction 
  • Up to 60% Area Reduction 

Our Solutions for AI accelerators

Ultra-High-Speed SRAM IP

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