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High-Performance Computing

Full Efficiency for Power Hungry HPC Applications

For high-performance computing, processing speeds are essential. But having high dynamic power consumption leads to high costs for cloud service providers. The rise of Big Data and AI in the cloud further emphasizes the need for highly efficient high-performance computing. Speed isn’t the only factor to consider. 

Xenergic’s Ultra-High-Speed SRAM IP can reach frequencies up to 30% higher than competing SRAM while keeping power and area competitive. But it is also inherently designed for lower dynamic power – matching the speed of competing SRAM will drastically cut power consumption. For specific use-cases such as higher-level cache and buffers, our High-Speed Turbo memory IP sidesteps the PPA tradeoff. It beats the competition in performance, power, and area by a big margin. 

Facilitating the Shift Towards Efficient Compute

With ever increasing workloads, a growing trend for cloud service providers is to choose HPC systems based on the performance per watt instead of solely the price and performance. This is a clear indication of the importance of energy efficiency for high-performance computation, with the long-term cost of running your hardware exceeding the cost of purchasing. The amount of heat produced due to high throughput in HPC systems pose a threat to efficiency with the risk of systems shutting down, and increased needs for power hungry cooling infrastructure, which can make up 50% of the total power consumption in datacenters. 

Xenergic’s Ultra-High-Speed SRAM IP enables highly efficient compute in HPC systems that ultimately cut your costs for running the hardware by reducing dynamic power by up to 10% and leakage by up to 30%, while keeping frequency levels at par with the highest performing competing SRAM on the market. An additional bonus for using our Ultra-High-Speed SRAM IP optimized for low power is a reduction in area of up to 20%. This memory IP can also be designed toward raw performance, meaning that when performance is a bottleneck instead, our Ultra-High-Speed SRAM IP can reach frequencies 30% higher than the competition without losing area- or power efficiency. 

Benefits compared to fastest competing SRAM: 

  • Up to 30% higher performance when optimized for speed 
  • Up to 10% lower dynamic power, 30% lower leakage and 20% lower area, with competitive speed, when optimized for low power  


Unmatched throughput for parallelised processing

For highly parallelized applications, the ability to quickly move data from buffers and shared higher-level cache to the compute cores is of major concern, and directly affects the overall performance of the system. These flows of data are almost always predictable, and that’s where High-Speed Turbo comes in: 

Our Turbo memory IP enables you to achieve an unprecedented throughput for very large memory sizes; and by pipelining the data access, drastically reduce the performance bottlenecks for the whole system. This memory IP utilizes a sequential or pseudo-random-access method, making it a perfect fit for the shared higher-level cache used in parallelized computing. 

Benefits compared to fastest competing SRAM: 

  • Up to 100% higher frequency 
  • Up to 80% Dynamic Power Reduction 
  • Up to 60% Leakage Reduction 
  • Up to 60% Area Reduction 

Our Solutions for High-Performance Computing

Ultra-High-Speed SRAM IP

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