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Image Sensors

Capturing Quality at Low Power

For image sensors, the demand for low power is essential for keeping battery life long. The massive leakage and dynamic power reduction enabled by our High-Speed Low-Power SRAM IP makes it an obvious choice for your image sensors.

A significant portion of memories in image sensors use sequential access patterns, which makes them an ideal use case for our High-Speed Turbo Memory IP when picture quality is of utmost importance. By use of sequential or pseudo random access methods, our turbo memory drastically reduces dynamic power, leakage, area and even supports frequencies above 6GHz.  

Removing the Battery Strain

For mobile applications, image sensors often require large amounts of power, ultimately lowering the battery life for the end-product. The smartphone market is constantly striving towards improving camera quality, leading to increasingly data-intensive workloads for image sensors. With the steady rise of more and more image sensors in smartphones, power issues will remain a relevant concern.

The reduction in dynamic power and leakage through use of our High-Speed Low-Power SRAM IP provides an essential competitive edge for the image sensor market. The reduction in battery drainage from using cameras in mobile products effectively lets you provide your customers with the most efficient camera, no matter the quality requirement.

Benefits compared to competing SRAM: 

  • Up to 40% lower dynamic power 
  • Up to 55% lower leakage 

The Unconventional Approach for Meeting the Highest Requirements

A large portion of image sensor workload is sequential, making our High-Speed Turbo memory IP a perfect fit for your sensors. When using sequential- or pseudo random access operations, our High-speed Turbo SRAM IP can process the images much faster compared to conventional SRAM, at a fraction of the energy and area.

The improved performance enables you to use much larger cuts of memory, and still maintain a speed matching the rest of the system. Hence, big improvements can be obtained in the overall area and power efficiency of your memories. With larger memory instances combined with high-speed operation, our High-Speed Turbo Memory IP can enable you to efficiently meet the requirements for high frame rate video and HD image capture at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits compared to competing SRAM: 

  • 60%-100% higher frequency 
  • Up to 60% dynamic power reduction 
  • Up to 60% leakage reduction 
  • Up to 30% area reduction 

Our Solutions for Image Sensors

High-Speed Low-Power SRAM IP

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