• Our Team

    Our team at Xenergic proudly brings together eight nationalities from different parts of the world to a share a common passion: smart efficient circuit design for a greener connected society!

  • Babak Mohammadi

    Babak Mohammadi Xenergic

    Babak Mohammadi is co-founder and the CEO of Xenergic. He received his PhD in electrical engineering from Lund University and has 15 years of research and development experience in industry and academia in different technical fields.

  • Joachim Rodrigues

    Joachim Rodrigues Xenergic

    Joachim Rodrigues has a PhD in circuit design and is a co-founder of Xenergic. He has two decades experience in low-power integrated circuit design. He is an Associate Professor at Lund University and has many years of industrial experience (Ericsson in Lund and several start-ups in Germany).

  • Anders Berglund

    Anders Berglund Xenergic

    Anders Berglund is co-founder and chairman of the board for Xenergic and has many years of experience as an entrepreneur.

  • Adam Makosiej

    Adam has more than 10 years of work experience in silicon realization of low power SRAM design, non-volatile and 3D monolithic memory and emerging technologies in memories. Adam holds over 15 patents as well as a PhD in circuit design from Telecom ParisTech University.

  • Hemanth Prabhu


    Hemanth Prabhu has a PhD in electrical engineering, focusing on digital processing for wireless communication systems. He has 15 years of experience in SoC implementation in both academics and industry.


  • Reza Meraji

    Reza Meraji has a PhD in circuit design from Lund University and has more than 10 years of work experience in various fields of wireless technology and low power circuit design. Most recently, prior to joining Xenergic, he has been involved in the design and verification of power-efficient chips used in the hearing aid industry.

  • Linus Wiebe

    Linus Wiebe Xenergic

    Linus Wiebe is a co-founder of Xenergic and Director of Innovation at Lund University. He is former CEO ARM Sweden and co-founder of Video IP company Logipard (Acquired by ARM 2008) with 15 years start-up experience in Telecom and Si IP.

  • Rich Page

    Rich Page is an alumnus of Apple Inc. He was an Apple Fellow at Apple Computer in the 1980s, and later joined Steve Jobs as a co-founder of NeXT.