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High-Speed Turbo Memory IP

By taking advantage of the predictability in the access patterns for some applications such as AI and Graphics-Processing-Units, our unique sequential or pseudo-random access memory IP using SRAM bitcells, called High-Speed Turbo, ignores the traditional established PPA trade-off. This memory IP reduces the dynamic power by 80%, reduces leakage up to 60%, and reduces the area by 60% when compared to the fastest cuts on the market. Despite this, our High-Speed Turbo memory doubles the frequency of what is achievable for existing SRAM, opening up new possibilities for high performance computation.

High-Speed Turbo

Efficient Image and Video Processing

Image and video processing applications are a great fit for our High-Speed Turbo memory IP. The vectorized nature of an image or video data enables the memory to sequentially process the images in a predictable fashion. With the high speed and efficiency of Xenergic’s High-Speed Turbo memory IP, processing becomes unimaginably fast and efficient.

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Buffers Bursting with Speed

Extend the capacity and throughput of your buffers costeffectively by making use of Xenergic’s High-Speed Turbo memory IP. Our memory IP enables you to expand your buffers while still attaining higher system frequency with a throughput large enough to easily meet the needs of other processes on the chip. By use of our sequential or pseudo-random-access memory, you gain speed, while reducing the power area of your buffersa no-brainer for your pipelined applications.

Making Machine Learning Leaner

Training AI and machine learning models requires processing incredibly large amounts of data, almost all of which are organized as vectors and matrices. To efficiently handle this workload, processing is highly parallelized, where data is shuffled between higher level cache and a large number of compute cores. Parallelized applications are built on the pipelining of predictable data accesses, but the throughput of data to and from higher-level cache is a major bottleneck. 

Our High-speed Turbo memory IP opens the floodgates of throughput while simultaneously making your system drastically cheaper and more efficient. By utilizing sequential or pseudo-random-access operations for these predictable pipelines, our memory reduces the power consumption by up to 80%, area by up to 60%, and even doubles the speed achievable by conventional SRAM.

High Speed at High Cache

Our High-Speed Turbo memory IP can drastically reduce the throughput bottleneck when accessing large amounts of cached data. For L2 cache and above, our sequential access method enables you to operate at extremely high speeds for large memory instances by pipelining the reading and writing of data.

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