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Mobile & Wearables

Cutting Power to Drive Performance

For mobile and wearable applications, the tradeoff between power and performance is everything. Higher performance enables more functionality, but the resulting cuts on battery life inconvenience consumers. Why not win at both? 

Our High-Speed Low-Power SRAM offers the perfect balance between power and performance. With customers seeing up to 40% lower dynamic power and 55% lower leakage while still maintaining performance and a competitive area, using Xenergic’s High-Speed Low-Power offering is a must! 

Enabling more for less

In every new generation of mobile device, customers simultaneously demand more features and longer battery life. The drastic reduction in both leakage and dynamic power, made possible by our High-Speed Low-Power SRAM IP, ensures that memories won’t be the bottleneck when meeting the strict power budget set by Original Equipment Manufacturers. With designs highly optimized for area, we can effectively help you minimize the cost of production for your SoCs, ultimately giving you an edge in the consumer market. 

Benefits compared to competing SRAM: 

  • Up to 55% lower leakage 
  • Up to 40% lower dynamic power 
  • Competitive speed and area 

Our Solution for Mobile & Wearables

High-Speed Low-Power SRAM IP

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