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High-Speed Low-Power SRAM IP

Our High-Speed Low-Power SRAM IP offers the perfect balance between power and performance. With customer cases seeing up to 40% lower dynamic power and 55% lower leakage while still maintaining speed and competitive area, Xenergic’s HSLP SRAM IP targets a wide range of applications.

High-Speed Low-Power

Optimized for lower power

The power you save with Xenergic’s HSLP SRAM IP ensures that your SoCs for sensors, wearables and other low-power products take up less of the power budget, enabling more features and higher end-user convenience. Our drastic reduction in both leakage and dynamic power ensures that memory will be the least of your concerns when optimizing for power consumption.

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IoT Operations at the edge

The low-power nature of our HSLP SRAM IP enables you to bring more of your computation closer to the edge. With the rapid global implementation of IoT, the need for edge computing will only continue to rise. Xenergic’s HSLP SRAM IP effectively tackles the inherent power constraint in edge computing and supports sufficient speeds needed to ultimately lower your latency on the edge of what’s possible.

Always on, Always Low

Always-on applications such as MEMS sensors are growing in popularity for mobile SoC design. With the increasing need for always-on functions, cost-effective power usage is a critical component for ensuring low power consumption in mobile and IoT devices. Xenergic’s HSLP SRAM IP effectively meets these needs by cutting-edge retention leakage, ensuring that your memories don’t become a major power consumer for your SoC designs.

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