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Ultra High-Speed SRAM IP

Our Ultra-High-Speed SRAM offer the highest possible speed at no area cost and the same or lower power. With speeds up to 30% higher than the competition while remaining competitive in area and power, this memory targets the most data intensive applications where performance means everything.


Computing at the Highest Speeds

Xenergic’s Ultra-High-Speed SRAM IP ensures that your memory block doesn’t become a bottle neck for critical HPC applications with speeds up to 30% higher than the competition. With industries like AI and IoT on the rise, the required capacity for processing large amounts of data is growing exponentially. The need for processing data in real time is also a significant driver of speed requirements in computing environments to satisfy the needs of highspeed communications, autonomous vehicles, and other big data applications.

Data center with multiple computers in a row

Capture the Unlimited Value of AI

It’s impossible to ignore the current, and looming, adoption of AI and Machine Learning in everyday life. The computation required to train a leading AI/ML algorithm is on a scale which would seem impossible a few years ago, and their subsequent implementation will cause an explosion in the need for high throughput inferencing chips. The speed at which data can be transferred from the memory to the compute cores often becomes a major bottleneck, with memory not supporting sufficient speeds to match the rest of the system. With the high frequencies attainable with our Ultra-High-Speed SRAM IP, you can be sure to reach the highest speeds possible for your training or inference applications.

Lightning Fast Communications

The need for faster CPUs and GPUs for computers, mobile devices and data servers increase steadily. Our Ultra High Speed memory IP is built to match this need for speed. The faster speed provided by our memory solution reduces your latency and enables the system to operate at a higher frequency – enabling you to provide the fastest communications with zero compromise.

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