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Xenergic joins GlobalFoundries FDX Network

    Lund, Sweden, Aug. 27, 2021 – Xenergic announced today that they have joined the GlobalFoundries (GF) FDX Network and Design Enablement Network. Xenergic’s memory compiler for on-chip memories, MemoryTailor®, is available for GF customers in GF 22FDX® technology. Using its single-rail and voltage scalable memories, Xenergic enables designers to reduce the power consumption on System-on-Chips (SoCs). The memory IPs cover different market segments operating in a wide range of 10MHz to over 3GHz. A silicon proof containing different memory configurations is already submitted and silicon report will be made public later this year.

    On-chip memories are among the largest blocks in digital integrated circuits. On average, the area share is around 70% to 80% and their power share is often more than 50%. This is a major hurdle for implementing richer functionalities and extending the battery lifetime in SoCs.

    Xenergic provides ultra-low power memory IPs with its MemoryTailor®. The MemoryTailor® provides GF customers with a unique memory solution, optimized for each application’s specific design requirements such as voltage, speed and area constraints. Numerous design techniques enable high-performance even at scaled voltages and single rail compatibility of our memories reduces the design complexity and overall power profile.

    “We are very excited to work together with GF and their leading edge 22FDX® platform. We believe that leading power offerings in 22FDX® combined with unique power and performance features of our memories will expand the boundaries for GlobalFoundries’ customers and enable a new generation of power efficient products,” says Babak Mohammadi, CEO of Xenergic. “Moreover, we are working with multiple prospects and partners and looking forward to share very interesting updates about our recent tapeout in near future.”

    About Xenergic

    Xenergic AB, based in Lund, Sweden, is offering on-chip memory solutions with a revolutionizing low power consumption and a wide performance range for digital integrated circuits such as AI/ML applications, MEMS products, image sensors, low power Bluetooth, IoT modems and edge processors, high-speed applications such ISPs, communication, networking, and processors. The product portfolio consists of single and dual-rail on-chip memories.

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    Babak Mohammadi, CEO, phone: +46 76-267 18 20, e-mail: